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Patient Participation Group

We have recruited a panel of patients who work with the doctors and staff at the surgery to improve services wherever possible and address the question of how we best deliver primary healthcare in a time of austerity.

If you would be prepared to help us with this project, please ask at reception and complete a short form.

We are currently thinking of two levels of participation – an e-mail panel and perhaps some open forum meetings.

Thank you

Click here to view Patient Participation Group Report March 2016

Trinity Medical Centre-Patient Participation Group Report

The Practice actively advertises the PPG to encourage patients to join the group by displaying posters in the Surgery, on the Website and at consultations. All patients are welcome to join the group.

The group now has 19 patient members and 3 Practice members (total 22). These participants are of varied age groups and ethnicity-Caucasian, Indian, British Asian, Afro-Caribbean and White British.

All members are invited to the meetings and are sent an agenda and copies of the minutes.

Trinity group met on 23rd October 2013 to discuss DNA’s, SMS messaging, and areas of National & Local priority.

Members were advised that the use of SMS text messaging has slightly improved the number of DNA’s and it is planned to continue with this service.

Electronic prescribing has been introduced and the system was explained to the group. The surgery will survey users of this to assess the effectiveness of the system and will publish the results on the website.

Members discussed how to try & reduce the number of inappropriate A&E attendances and how Community rather than Hospital management could be effective.

More patients will be managed within the Community first i.e. rapid response team, Primary Care Practitioners etc and along with the take over of the PRUH by Kings this should improve the services.

Further discussion on the ongoing safe & effective prescribing initiative members suggested more information for carers in the form of a leaflet or information on the website might provide further patient education.


Trinity Medical Centre
Electronic Prescribing Survey 2013/2014

It is important to us to learn whether services offered to patients are effective and we need your help.

Please take a minute to complete this questionnaire.

Circle the answer that applies to you.

1. Do you have your prescription sent to the pharmacy for you to collect?


If no what is the reason


2. Is the prescription ready for you when you go to collect it


3. Do you have any comments on the system?


If yes please give us your comments


Thank you taking the time to complete this questionnaire


Results of the Electronic Prescribing Survey 2013/2014

We gave out 50 questionnaires regarding electronic prescribing to random patients and asked the following questions. Out of 50 questionnaires we received 35 back.

Below are the questions and results.

Question 1: Do you have your prescription sent to the pharmacy for you to collect?


Yes = 10
No = 10

Question 2:

2 = pick up from the surgery
5 = like to collect themselves
1 = do not use the service
2 = no reason
1 = didn’t know about the system
1 = not on any medication
1 = not aware of how to subscribe
1 = not gone well on 3 separate occasions

Question 3: Is the prescription ready for you to collect?

Yes = 23
No = 8

Question 4: Do you have any comments on the system?

5 comments were made which were: -

  1. Brilliant love the service
  2. Would like to order prescriptions over the phone
  3. Not worked for one individual however mentioned that it was convenient
  4. Would like to request a prescription via email
  5. Works well

The survey results were shared with the PPG members and these seem to indicate that patients may not always be aware of the service even though there are posters in the Surgery and new patients are given information regarding this. As this service has only been running for a short while we intend to revisit this with the PPG and possibly run another survey at a later date.

If any patient would like to see the minutes of any other PPG meetings please contact the Practice Manager.

Surgery Hours – By Appointment

The Surgery opening times are Monday to Friday – 8.00am -6.30pm

Extended Hours – Monday – 6.30pm -8.00pm

Patients are able to access a receptionist via telephone or face to face during these hours. You can make an appointment to see Doctor or Nurse during these times.

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